Isn't It Time For You To Get Into God's Word And Understand It For Yourself?
When I was a young boy in Sunday School, we would sometimes compete in a game called Sword Drills. This game taught us how to find our way around the Bible quickly, and became the inspiration for the title of this workbook. This book began as part of a 4-week course I taught at Riverside Church in the summer of 2013.

In the original course, we covered information about the Bible, Bible study tools, and Bible study methods. That material is all included in my book How To Study Your Bible. The students also did hands-on exercises during the class to learn the various different Bible study methods. Those exercises have been expanded to create Sword Drills.

Now you can draw YOUR sword (get your Bible out),
and learn how to become an expert at Bible study!

There's no reason you can't become a skilled Bible student in your own right. Just take the exercises revealed in this workbook and apply them to the parts of the Bible that interest you the most. Once you start becoming proficient at Bible study, God will bless your determination with fresh insights and revelation from the treasures of His Word.
Are you ready to become an Expert at

The important part God's Word can play in strengthening your daily devotional life

How to read the Bible daily consistently with a unique plan to read the Bible through every year

Learn how to gain an overview of Bible books as well as the entire Bible through Survey studies

Use Word studies to dig deep into the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of Bible words

Learn the meaning of Bible verses, and what they are meant to teach you through Verse studies

Discover new insights on ANY Bible topic that interests you using in-depth Topical studies

Explore the lives of the cast of the Bible, learning from their wins and losses via Character studies

The story of the Bible and the over-arching theme that connects all the books of the Bible
Michael Dorsey is an author, minister and spiritual growth leader who has been involved in ministry for over 30 years. Saved at the age of 10 and Spirit-filled at 16, his passion is training believers to transform their lives through the power of God, and over the years he has helped thousands to become victors instead of victims.

Michael has ministered to new believers one-on-one, taught many Bible courses, and has been a speaker at ministers conferences. He is the author of several books, including How To Pray, which is part of the multi-volume How To Live series.

Michael and his wife Katherine along with their two children are active partners with Riverside Church in the Baltimore area, where they work in the ministry assisting their Pastor with blessing God's people.
Sword Drills
Bible Exercises for the Spiritual Warrior
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