Warehouses could be filled with all the books that have been written on prayer, so why should you read yet another book about prayer?

What sets How To Pray apart from the others is this: Instead of teaching you about prayer, it will teach you how TO pray. You will learn how to put your spiritual life in order so that you can become disciplined (the root word of disciple) in the practice of prayer.

The random, haphazard prayer life you’ve had until now will be replaced with consistent, intentional planning sessions with Almighty God, where you’ll be able to address your needs and desires and get clear direction from Heaven.
Are you ready to learn HOW TO PRAY?

Why you haven't been able to make your prayer
life work, and what you can do about it

How to arrange your daily life to make sure that your prayer time is never pushed aside again

How God's names were designed to reveal to you Who He is and what He wants to do in your life

The secret of how God wants to meet both your needs AND desires & how you can receive them

How to successfully resist temptation and experience total victory in spiritual warfare

The prayer blueprint given by the Lord Jesus Christ, and how it can help you pray with consistency

How to approach God's throne with no shame, while still maintaining proper reverence and awe

How you can take back control of your life by exercising your spiritual authority in prayer

How to stay in close fellowship with God while also improving your personal relationships

How to unlock your motivation in prayer while keeping your heart right, AND MUCH MORE!
Michael Dorsey is an author, minister and spiritual growth leader who has been involved in ministry for over 30 years. Saved at the age of 10 and Spirit-filled at 16, his passion is training believers to transform their lives through the power of God, and over the years he has helped thousands to become victors instead of victims.

Michael has ministered to new believers one-on-one, taught many Bible courses, and has been a speaker at ministers conferences. He is the author of several books, including How To Pray, which is part of the multi-volume How To Live series.

Michael and his wife Katherine along with their two children are active partners with Riverside Church in the Baltimore area, where they work in the ministry assisting their Pastor with blessing God's people.
Learn true Prayer power
Once again Rev. Michael Dorsey has produced a work that is sure to instruct, encourage and bless anyone looking to achieve true power through prayer. In his second offering; Rev. Dorsey addresses and resolves several common impediments to effective prayer and had drafted a virtual roadmap to purposeful and powerful prayer.

Do you dread being called upon to pray in a group? Have you struggled with the structure of your prayers? Have you longed for a single comprehensive work to equip you for powerful prayer? Your wait is over! Stop reading this review and purchase this amazing work. It will immediately change your prayer life.
- Kristohper D. McGhee
A MUST buy I had no idea the DETAIL
I love the multiple ways to PRAY I never considered that there was a spiritual strategic approach to praying. He kicked it off really well with the Privilege, Power and Problem of Prayer which could be a book in itself. God Bless you Michael for the books.
- Darren Scott Monroe
How to Pray provides structure and guidance
How to Pray provides the structure and guidance for all believers in Christ to bring heaven into earth through powerful and meaningful prayer. It breaks down attitudes and beliefs that hinder people from speaking about God, bringing petitions to Jesus, and the liberty we have in prayer knowing that our prayers are heard. There is no replacement for prayer in the life of a Christ follower. How to Pray equips you with the tools to build a relationship with the Lord through prayer and teaches about the authority endowed upon us and in us by the Holy Spirit. I really have been blessed by this book and know you will be too.
- Ivy
I truly enjoyed reading this book
It does not matter if you have never prayed before, or if you are a prayer warrior, "How to Pray" has something for everybody. Many Christian books do not provide basic practical steps to applies to ones life, but this book does. It is simple to read and understand, yet the wisdom of God is illuminating through the pages. I truly enjoyed reading this book, and I am looking forward in a few years, when led by the Holy Spirit, to read it again. I would recommend this book be on everyone's reading list.
- Norielle Torbert
How To Pray
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